Aural Studios employs the world’s best acoustic engineering to create an unmatched listening experience.




Content is King. We Manage, Publish and distribute content to over 200 Streaming services and Digital Stores globally. We have partnered with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes, YouTube, Pandora and more to ensure your content pays Royally.



We have extensive experience in mastering Sound. We use an emotion by sound approach to mastering that consistently delivers a sound thats not only heard but felt.



Our production staff is a culmination of leading industry producers. They are curators for the art of sound and consistently  produce content that is not only compelling, but focused and driven on the intention of developing or riding todays  billboard trends.

Mastering the art of sound


"Mastering is the final - and one of the most critical steps in taking a recording across the finish line. Aural Studios not only correct any anomalies/shortcomings in the mixing environment, but seeks to deliver an unparalled composition that often leaves an impressionalble emotion! Anything worth doing is worth doing well - and if your music deserves to be heard, it should be heard in the very best presentation possible, which definitely includes being Mastered


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Each project goal is unique, so for Pre | Pro | Post production stages, we assign an A&R Assistant, Producer and Engineer based on the content goal. They will cross collaborate in every phase producing a compelling project thats trendy & Marketable.



Moving Content


We Have partnered with industry leading digital content stores and aggregators, to ensure an unmatched process in publishing, distribution, and content management. 

Every stream, every cover, every concert; no matter where your content is being used belongs to you, it's tagged, tracked, managed so that we can ensure 100% of the royalties are distributed to you!